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Fire & Glow Acts

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We supply professional fire & glow performers, circus acts, street entertainers and other artists for a wide variety of clients and events. We supply to all areas in the UK and internationally. Please contact us for details or see the list of areas below.



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This website is one of specialist act websites from

Circus Malabaristas, an entertainment agency and consultancy  which supplies any type of act for any event.



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Site terms of use, terms & conditions of booking, copyright, and privacy


This site is run by Circus Malabaristas Ltd, an entertainment agency and consultancy.

This web site and all its contents are provided as is. The purpose of the web site is to promote the acts and artists and their skills as described in the web site.

The information contained in this website including act descriptions, photos and videos are provided for informational purposes only.

We act as a responsible agency and check all the acts we promote for relevant training, insurance and experience.

The information given in this web site is done so in good faith from information given by the artist or act.

We cannot offer guarantees that an act booked via this web site perform any or all of the skills or performances stated but every reasonable safeguard is assured


This website and all its contents are copyright. The copyright holder may be either:

No part of this website may be used in any way whatsover without prior permission of the copyright holder.

We have included our web address on all photos & videos. This does not imply copyright ownership of any of these photos or videos by Circus Malabaristas Ltd (although we may own the copyright). Instead its use has been done to protect copyright of all the copyright holders of items on this site. If you are the copyright holder of any item and do not wish it displayed with our web address please contact us.


General terms and conditions for booking any of the acts shown on this web site can be seen by clicking on the button below.

At our discretion our terms may be altered by us or we may accept your terms & conditions for a specific booking.

All changes to our terms or acceptance of alternative terms can only be done by contacting us.

Our terms and conditions have been written to ensure that both artists and clients fulfil their obligations for the relevant contract.


We are committed to respecting the privacy of all our clients and artists.

We follow best practice and will not disclose any personal information to third parties unless that has been agreed to by you.

We only retain sufficient data and files to comply with the law in respect of tax, health & safety, insurance and for other legal or statutory reasons.

All data is destroyed when it is no longer required to enable us to provide a service to you or after such time where legal requirements expire.

Specifically, we do not reveal your phone number or email details to anyone unless that has been specifically agreed to by you.



Fire Document Links


Glow Document Links


We can supply documentation for all the acts we provide. If you want to book acts other than fire or glow acts please let us know and after you have chosen the acts you want we will be happy to provide all the relevant paperwork.

Document for other acts

Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment